11 septiembre 2006

IF I were...

I off and of what myself and I realize that I must be off one´s rocker,but I´m just being on the level.
On the whole,I don´t know what I´m saying,this can be out of line and I´m simply out of order for you; it is going to point out but if you want to put*down me* I don´t have objection.
Can you do that right away?Would you like to be a six feet under person?I wouldn´t,but I think human beings are sort of,and that stinks; In secs I´d like to be without strings attached and I´ll talk over and over again;
I want to take advantage of everything,I know that I can do this,becaUse I know that I have a beautiful will power.
So...look out and don´t let me down,because this is just a topsy-turvy speech.

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